Prepare for lift-off with Aviator and Betway

The Betway team is excited to bring Aviator to our casino gaming suite. This is not your average casino game so prepare to be taken to new heights. One of Spribe’s most popular casino games Aviator is a social multiplayer game with a twist.

Aviator at Betway

What makes the Aviator game so unique?

Unlike the spinning reels of slot games Aviator differs as it is a crash-style casino game. This type of game is simple to understand which makes it a great option for beginner and advanced casino game enthusiasts. The game makes use of an increasing curve that can crash at any given moment. This curve is where the multiplier sits and grows as the plane reaches greater heights. The aim of the game is to cash out before the plane flies away.

How to board your Aviator flight

Follow these steps to get started playing Aviator at Betway South Africa.
  • Open the Aviator game in the Casino Lobby area
  • Place your bet or set your stake at the bottom of the screen
  • Wait for the next round to start
  • When the round starts the plane will take off and the multiplier will increase
  • When the plane flies off the screen the round is over so make sure you cash out in time, if the plane flies away before you cash out you lose your stake
  • If you cash out in time you win your stake times the multiplier amount on cash out
Aviator at Betway

Aviator Game Features

Before you take to the skies let’s chat about some of the game features and how much you can win.

Stats and live feed

You can’t board a flight without checking in! So, head on over to the stats section and check out some of the previous games results. You can look at previous games’ multiplier amounts and the biggest wins over the past days, months, and year. Plus, you can keep track of bets being placed in live time for the current round.  The “My Bets” area will show you all your betting information for the game.

Play Aviator at Betway

Multi-player fun with Live Chat

On the right side of the screen is an in-game chat feature where players can chat and discuss the game. Keep an eye on this as the biggest wins are automatically posted here after the round.

Put your plane on Auto-Pilot

In the betting panel, you can select Auto Play and Auto Cash Out. ON auto play you set your stake amount and each round your bet will be placed automatically. But keep in mind you still need to manually cash-out so keep an eye on the screen. If you don’t want to manually cash out, then you can also select auto cash out feature. Here you will need to select the multiplier amount you want to cash out on, once the game starts you will be cashed out on this multiplier amount each time.

First Class payouts with Aviator

Betway is excited to announce that we offer one of the biggest payouts in South Africa on Aviator. You can now win up to R3 Million!

Play Casino games with Betway

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Published: 05/30/2023