Most Unbreakable NBA Records

We’re now heading into the business end of the NBA season as teams try to secure their spots in this year’s playoff for conference, and hopefully, championship glory. They say records are made to be broken, but to every rule, there is an exception.

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We’ll be having a look at some of the records that have stood the test of time, and from the looks of things, these won’t be broken any time soon.

Averaging 48.5 Minutes Per Game

Wilt Chamberlain

Each NBA game is split into four quarters and players play 48 minutes in total. Wilt Chamberlain averaged 48.5 minutes per game for the season 1961-62, this means he played almost every single minute of each game, including overtime.
Chamberlain was notorious for stat chasing so it’s really no surprise that he wanted to play so many minutes in each game. What’s even more shocking is, the top seven spots in minutes per game in NBA history are also held by the same man and the last time anyone averaged over 40 minutes per game was in 2010-11.

20 Free Throws Missed

Giff Roux 

Long before Shaquille O’Neal graced the courts and dominated everyone on defensive and offensive rebounds but shot free throws like he’s blind-folded, we had Giff Roux.
Roux was sent to the line 20 times in the second season of the NBA and he missed all attempts. The next most consecutive missed free throw attempts is 11, yes you guessed, Shaq-Attack.

30 Assists in One Game

Scott Skiles 

LeBron James has been a catalyst for the Lakers this season after taking a much more deeper role in the team playing Point Guard and making plays. He currently leads the league in assists however even King James hasn’t got anywhere near this stat.
Scott Skiles was a Point Guard best known for dishing up an NBA 30 assists in one game record for the Orlando Magic. The Magic scored a team high of 155 points that game as they cruised to a victory of the Nuggets.

11 NBA Championships

Bill Russell 
One of the points that count against LeBron James’ claim to greatest basketball player of all time is the amount of championship rings he’s won, which are significantly less than Michael Jordan. However, if we purely went with the number of championship rings to determine who is the G.O.A.T, then Bill Russell would be head and shoulders above the rest.
Bill Russell has 11 NBA championship titles in 13 seasons, although admittedly, the basketball landscape of the 50s and 60s was starkly different to how it is today which aided Russell and the Celtic’s cause. Because of this, the likelihood of this record being matched or broken is highly improbable.

37 Points in a Quarter

Klay Thompson 
When you have a hot hand, you have a hot hand.
Few players can light up the court like Klay Thompson of the Warriors. Carmelo Anthony last matched the record for the most points in a quarter in 2008 after scoring 33 points. Klay Thompson, of the Splash Brothers, dismantled this record and scored 37 points of the team’s 41 in the 3rd quarter.
He went 13 for 13 after his teammates noticed he had a hot hand and started feeding him the ball and he did the rest. Although this may not be like the other records on this list, it sure will take some doing to break this one.
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Published: 03/06/2020