Trayvon Bromell looks to become the new Olympic 100m king

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2020 Summer Olympic Games

23 July – 8 August 2021
Tokyo, Japan

United States sprinter Trayvon Bromell is looking to succeed the legendary Usain Bolt as the Olympic Games’ new Men’s 100m king. The marquee sprint event will take place at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo on Sunday 1 August.

Bolt won the Men’s 100m at Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016, firmly establishing himself as the fastest man on earth. The Jamaican has since retired and the mantle is there for the taking, but Bromell faces some stiff competition.

Compatriots Fred Kerley, the 400m Bronze medallist from the 2019 World Championships, and Ronnie Baker are also in the hunt, while Rio 100m Bronze medallist Andre de Grasse from Canada and South African Akani Simbine, who posted a scorching 9.84 just a few weeks ago, also pose a major threat.

South African sprinter Akani Simbine
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Yet winning the 100m at Tokyo would represent more than just the achievement of a dream for Bromell, but also a chance at redemption: he was devastated in 2016 when he finished eighth in the 100m then tore his Achilles in the 4x100m relay and had to be carted off the track. Yet the 26-year-old insists that he does not see himself as the favourite for Gold.

"When you put yourself into that bubble, into that box, a lot of expectations come into it," he told reporters. "When you start living in other people's world then you get off of your own plan."

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Bromell believes his rough upbringing in Florida, which included the tragedy of losing his father when he was just 19, gives him an edge in psychological terms: "When you grow up hard, it's hard to kind of be nervous in a sport that's not really confrontational. That's why when you all see me race a lot of guys who do all (this) crazy stuff before the race - like the, you know, the intimidation stuff ... I don't look phased because I’m not."

Baker, meanwhile, has expressed that he is not concerned with the form of his rivals – only on his own performances. “There's a lot of guys running fast and some of the top guys are coming out of America, but ultimately, I try not to focus on my competition and focus on what I'm doing and get better each and every race and time I step out on the track,” he said.

“You know, in my eyes, I don't really have any competition — the only competition is with myself. As long as I continue to perform well, I know what I'm capable of.”

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Published: 07/28/2021