Caleb Plant: Sweethands and Raw Talent

Caleb Plant is the current IBF Super Middleweight Champion of the world.  He’s also a guy who been through the emotional grinder.  At just 27 years of age the man known as ‘Sweethands’ has experienced devastating loss. 

It’s ‘Bubba’ Who’ll Contest the Caleb Plant vs Mike Lee Fight

Caleb Plant vs Mike Lee
On 20 July 2019 the pugnacious young boxer from Tennessee will climb into the ring with a new moniker flashing on his waist band.  Instead of the trademark tribute to his quick hands he’ll have ‘Bubba’ on his shorts.  That’s what his mama used called him - but sadly she won’t be there to spur him on.
Beth Ann Plant had an addiction problem and that’s probably what got her killed.  Just a few months back she was shot dead after approaching a police officer with a deadly weapon. 
Now Plant has dedicated his next fight to his mom and if history is anything to go by, the Caleb Plant vs Mike Lee fight could prove to be a one-sided affair.

Adversity the Catalyst of Bigger and Better Things

Caleb Plant vs Jose Uzcategui
Poverty and death have always stalked the champ.  Instead of rolling over and playing dead Plant has harnessed anger and adversity and used it to great effect in his bouts.
When his 19-month old daughter passed on from a rare genetic disease he channelled the grief and converted it into a knock out blow.  That wasn’t a one-off performance and it won’t be the last.

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When he faced Jose Uzcategui - the incumbent Super Welterweight World Champion who was favoured to easily win the title bout - Plant mauled the Venezuelan into submission.  He dropped him in the second and fourth rounds to convincingly clinch the title.
Can Caleb Plant win the IBF 168-pound title fight in Nevada this week?  His legions of fans in the USA and far off places like Cuba, South Africa and Japan are backing their man but what do the statisticians and pundits predict?

Undefeated and Evenly Matched

Caleb Plant: Undefeated and Evenly Matched 

As far as stats go both men are evenly matched.  Plant has won all 18 fights he’s contested, 10 by knock out. Lee is also unbeaten and has knocked out his opponent 11 times in 21 fights.  On paper Mike Lee may be the bigger and stronger fighter but when it comes to heart and brawl-ability Plant is right up there with the best.
Listen to Plant’s life story and you can’t but wonder whether he hasn’t got more grit and anger to drive him on in Nevada.  Aside from having to deal with the death of his mother and baby daughter Plant has experienced loneliness, hunger and fear more times than most.
He has lived in a partially razed building with few windows and doors, shivered uncontrollable for days and days in the biting cold and even dealt drugs for his substance dependent mother just to put food on the table at home.

Forged in Steel

Caleb Plant: Forged in Steel
Life’s been tough but Plant has managed to take it all in his stride.  When asked about his unfortunate upbringing he claimed he had to be ‘put in the fire to be forged in steel’.  He also said that he doesn’t fold for anybody or anything.
For Caleb Plant boxing really is a matter of life or death.  With an insatiable hunger to be the best, the poke and prod king is my pick to prevail when he takes on Mike Lee at the MGM Grand.  Who are you rooting for when the two boxers square up?  Plant is quoted as saying the fight won’t go 12 rounds!

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Published: 07/19/2019