Betway’s 4 To Score is Back

o think you know football better than most? Can see a goal even before it happens?
Well, this is your time to shine and make some awesome money while enjoying the beautiful game.
The 2019/20 soccer season is upon us and that only means one thing, Betway’s 4 To Score is back. Stand to win up to R100,000 in cash prizes just by predicting the outcome on popular soccer games in the best leagues across Europe.

How does it work?

Pick the first four goalscorers in four selected matches each week, as displayed on the website. Choose correctly, and you could win up to R100,000 in cash.
Study the stats, analyse the games and select the player you think will open the scoring in those games. If you are unsure or nearly running out of time, use our “Random Pick” option, which selects the goalscorers for you.
All you need to do to participate is have an existing Betway account or you can CLICK HERE to register a new account.
If the prize is not won, it will rollover until the maximum prize limit of R100,000 is reached.

Play 4 To Score for FREE
Don’t get stuck on the bench, get into the action as the new soccer season starts. Bet on the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, PSL and more with Betway. Open a new account and claim up to R1,000 in Extra Bets as a Welcome Bonus.

What you need to know about 4 To Score

  • Entry into the 4 To Score promotion is free.
  • You will have up to one minute before kick-off of the first match to submit your predictions. All submissions are final and cannot be changed once saved.
  • R50,000 can be won each round. However, if a round has no winners, the prize will rollover to the following round, up to a maximum of R100,000. 
Learn more about our 4 To Score terms and conditions by visiting our website.

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Published: 08/16/2019