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What is Lucky Numbers?

You need to correctly predict what numbers will be drawn and depending on your selections, you could win BIG. Lucky Numbers is unique as you do not bet in betting pool, this means your winnings are not shared amongst other winners.
The odds are fixed on each prediction, you get paid for each number you predict correctly and your winnings are not shared among other players with the same predictions.
For instance, if you bet on the number 13, 20 and 40 to come up in one of the draws, your odds will be fixed and winnings paid according to your odds, stake amount and the numbers you predicted correctly. You do not need to predict all the numbers correctly to get a payout.

How do I bet on Lucky Numbers

Start betting online on Lucky Numbers in a few simple steps with Betway.
  1. Choose a draw
  2. Select a Bet Type
  3. Select your numbers
  4. Select your stake
  5. Click Bet Now

Your winnings get paid into your Betway account and you can withdraw whenever you want, there is no wagering requirement needed.

What Bet Types can I bet on?

Lucky Numbers has various Bet Types you can bet on making the possibilities of winning endless.
Some of the popular Bet Types are:
  • 1 Number
  • 2 Numbers
  • 3 Numbers
  • 4 Numbers
  • Predict the bonus ball
  • Bonus Ball HI (26-49) or Low (1-24)


How do I see if I won?

To see if your selections have been drawn, we update our website with the latest results soon after the official draw has been confirmed by the respective organisations of each draw.

How to bet on Lucky Number

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Published: 03/14/2019