A message from Betway South Africa

Dear valued friend of Betway,

As the country continues to be in lockdown, we are all experiencing the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have no doubt that this new normal has been challenging to everyone including the communities that we operate in, but we are all in this together.  

Our ability to come together as one when faced with obstacles has always defined us as a nation.
As as a continued effort to make a difference with our #BetwayCares initiatives and having proven to be market leaders in community upliftment, on and off the sporting fields in the country, we have prioritised to continue to work, interact, and play our part in society.

In solidarity with the communities that we operate in, we have committed to contribute R2-million across different worthy charitable organisations to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic as well as its related challenges.
The funds will support national food relief efforts and other supplies that may be needed by these organisations to eradicate the virus and have them continue to sustainably function as they do while managing the outbreak.

The selected charities will ensure the funds will go a long way in assisting our communities during this time of crisis. The fear around the pandemic is understandably overwhelming for all.

This challenging period has given us all an opportunity to stand tall and really make a difference. We can all do this together.

THANK YOU to you – our customers for your support.

The different charity organsations are listed below.
  • Afrika Tikkun
  • Feed SA
  • Ladles of Love
  • ACFS
  • Angel Network
  • Angels Care Centre
  • Shout SA
  • Tears Foundation
  • Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Caddies
  • Rhulani Mabasa Children’s Foundation
  • Karabo Ya Peo Entle
  • Ethembeni Children’s Home
  • Woodside Sanctuary
  • New Jerusalem Children’s Home
  • Homeless Shelter
  • New Begginings
  • Dog Town

Published: 04/09/2020