2020 Olympics: Everything You Need To Know

Off the back of a successful Rugby World Cup, the stage is set for the 2020 Olympics in Japan and if that tournament is anything to go by, these Olympics should go down as one of the best.

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Japan is expected to receive around 600,000 spectators from across the globe who’ll be occupying Tokyo and the surrounding areas. This means, visitors will be looking to make the most of their trip to Tokyo. Thinking of going? Well here’s all you need to know about the 2020 Olympics and more.
Old Facilities With A New Look

Tokyo Stadiums

Tokyo hosted the Summer Games fifty years ago, these facilities still exist today however a lot of reconstructive work has been done to them. Japan also hosted the Winter games twice in 1972 and 1998, even though those were held outside Tokyo.
The opening ceremony will be held in Tokyo on 24 July, with softball and soccer matches taking place on 22 July. Once the Olympics have concluded, there will be a two break and the Paralympics will commence.
What New Sports Have Been Introduced?

Skateboarding as a new sport

Five new sports will be introduced to he Olympics’ lineup, in total, these stand at 33 now. Skateboarding, surfing, baseball and softball are some of the new matches you can look forward to. These will complement the favourites that already exist such as canoeing, boxing and fencing.
How Do I Get Tickets?
The first round of tickets were released by a lottery-like system to Japanese citizens and was closed on May 28. Around 2,34 millions tickets have been set aside for overseas visitors and are sold by authorized ticket resellers only. As it stands, tickets are sold out, however there should be a subsequent round of tickets to be made available before the event commences.
The Tokyo Olympics organizing committee will also have an online resale site launched to help distribute tickets which won’t be used. If you cant get any tickets, the organizing committee has also put together a number of sites where spectators can go watch live televised events.
How To Get Around

Packed Tokyo subway

Tokyo’s extensive transport system will play a key role in how spectators and fans will get around the city to the venues to watch their favourite athletes compete to have their names written in the annals of sports history. Companies are also encouraging remote work from their employees to help alleviate Tokyo’s infamously packed trains.


Where to stay in Tokyo?

Tokyo’s hotels that normally range around $20 a night (R284) are now advertising at around $100 a night (R1,424). This is a significant rise which means visitors can opt for other cheaper deals such as Airbnb to combat this situation.
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Published: 01/10/2020