Lucky Numbers

Betway Lucky Numbers allow all customers to place bets on the outcomes of a wide range of international betting markets.

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How to bet on Betway's Lucky Numbers

Navigating to the Betway Lucky Numbers page will automatically display the next 5 upcoming international betting markets that you can bet on. The carousel will also allow you to choose a specific market, with multiple draws taking place on a daily basis.

Betway offers Lucky Numbers betting on a wide variety of international markets:

  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • The United States of America
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Canada

Regular Draws

Regular Draw bets will allow you to choose your own numbers. If your picks match the results, you will win your wager. The prize will be a multiple of the stake and the odds within the bet market.

Draw Sum

Draw Sum will allow you to wager on the outcome of a market, e.g. whether the sum of the balls drawn will be odd or even. Remember, there can only be one unique bet per outcome for the side markets.

Once you have selected your bet option, your bet slip, together will all the options you have chosen, will be displayed. You can then place your bet.

Choosing your wager options

You will also be able to change your stake for every entry. To keep you informed, each of your wager entries will be displayed on your betslip, as well as your possible winnings over the course of all of your chosen draws.

The growing popularity of Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers have always been incredibly popular around the world but are not usually available to international customers. It has taken different forms, shapes and titles, but the premise has generally remained the same through the years.

Lucky Numbers embrace of the internet has not only expanded the game's popularity but has altered the way the game is played, won, and experienced. With great change comes new innovation and therefore new features and products.

Betway also offers all customers the chance to bet on all the most popular sports from around the globe.