Interesting Facts about Darts

The game of darts is very interesting, mentally stimulating and is enjoyed by millions across the world. It has now been over a century since the inception of darts.
It is easy to think of a group of people in a semi-crowded bar playing a casual game when someone mentions darts. However this gentleman’s (and gentle-ladies) game is a far more serious and lucrative sport which is played professionally by many.

Origins of Darts

Whether you prefer watching this game being played professionally or enjoy a relaxed game of darts at the bar while knocking back a few cold beers, this game is enjoyed by people of all ages.
The origins of this game can be traced back to the end of the 19th century where soldiers used to aim at casks or tree trunks with arrows as a pastime activity. Today, dart aficionados are pushing for the sport to be recognised and included in the Olympics.

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John Lowe

John Lowe

John Lowe is an English professional dart player who has set different records in his career. He has won the world championship title in three separate decades and is the first to a nine-dart finish in a televised fixture. All these are feats which have never been achieved before.

You can play at various levels

Anyone can play the game of dart regardless of age, gender, fitness levels or skill set. You entire family and friends can enjoy this fun game together.

Dart boards and arrows


Early dartboards were made of clay and finally cork was adopted. The arrows were made from crossbow bolts or cut down arrows. The flights or feathers at the back of the arrow are meant to assist in guiding the arrows accuracy. They are mostly made from plastic as well however originally these were made from turkey feathers.

A game of chance

English laws do allow bets to be taken for games of skill, but not games of luck.
Initially, English officials considered darts to be a game of chance and little skill involved. A trial was subsequently held in 1908 that led dart throwing to be considered a game of skill.
Jim Garside, a landlord at an Inn in Leeds was charged with allowing for bets to be taken on darts, which was still considered a game of chance at the time. Garside did not refute the allegation however he took this time to prove that darts is in fact a game of skill and not of chance. With the help of William Anakin, a local dart champion, they began to show magistrates that he was capable of hitting any number on the board. Subsequently the charges were dropped after they successfully convinced the officials.

Broadcasting Darts

Darts was first televised on British TV in 1962 however the first ever nine-dart finish was televised in 1984 after John Lowe achieved this feat.

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Published: 11/05/2018