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Bet on all international and local cricket action all year round as we bring you the best online cricket betting platform. Backing your favourite teams is one click away, whether you prefer betting on test cricket or the excitement of T20, we have you covered. Experience the thrill of live betting on your mobile at the most competitive odds with Betway.

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We offer a variety of Bet Types you can bet on, these include:

  • Match Result
  • Team with Top Batter
  • Will there be a tie
  • Top Bowler
  • Coin Toss
  • Any Player to Score a Milestone
  • Total Runouts

When you registering an account with Betway, you get access to all cricket action across the globe with a various selections of Bet Types allowing you to back favourite countries and teams from the onset.

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To fund your account we have several deposit methods at your disposal which include:

  1. EFT across all major banks
  2. iPay
  3. Credit/debit card
  4. OTT vouchers

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More Bet Types to bet on

To view our wide range of Bet Types when placing a single or Multi Bet, simply:

  1. Click on More Bets
  2. This will display all odds on each Bet Type

Live Betting on Cricket

Experience the thrill of betting on all your favourite clashes on cricket live thanks to our Live Betting feature. You can bet on live odds which change as the game progresses meaning you have the potential to yield better returns compared to pre-match betting. Our stats widget gives you all the numbers you need to help you place a more measured bet. Live Betting is a great way to feel the excitement and be part of the action without physically being at the stadium.

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Brief history of cricket

Cricket originated in the south-east of England and has spread throughout the globe since the 1800s. The first international matches were played as early as 1844. Cricket is relatively a complex sport, however it happens to be the world’s second most popular spectator sport after soccer. Cricket has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the world’s most loved sports. Whether it’s the endurance of a full 5-day Test match or the excitement of the short format of T20, fans from around the world may prefer one or the other, but generally the game is appreciated in all its forms. The longest format of the game is a Test match, which is played over 5-days and is considered to be the highest standard of the sport. Both teams bat and bowl twice and these are considered as innings. The first officially recognised Test match took place in March 1877 and continues to this day, club cricket usually plays the shorter format of the game while international cricket partakes in all formats of the sport. The shorter forms of the game include both the 50-over ODI (one-day international) and T20, which plays out only 20-overs per team. These forms take less time to complete and are often more enjoyable due to the intense nature of the competition. While Test matches can often result in a draw, this result is a rare occurrence in both ODIs and T20’s. South Africa, alongside other countries such as Australia, England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and New Zealand have been among some of the countries to dominate the sport in all formats over recent years. The sport is growing more popular with teams from Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan, Kenya and even Iceland competing on the international stage. Inter-country competition is incredibly fierce in cricket with teams like South Africa and Australia forming bitter rivalries. Other intense rivalries include Pakistan and India, Australia and England (referred to as the Ashes tour) as well as New Zealand and Australia.

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